Branding & Interface

A free service that connects adventurers from around the world, Wander provides a way to share and record hikes and outdoor activities.
The platform offers a wide range of abilities like saving and liking other’s adventures, searching for nearby activities, and messaging capabilities between users to organize group activities. The service allows users to create detailed accounts of their adventures with tips and warnings, pictures, and difficulty ratings before sharing them with the world. The service is entirely comprised of user generated content, putting the map in the user’s hand to explore and record the amazing outdoors.

This project was taken from concept to completion in the span of 8 weeks. A graphic identity and system was developed first along with business plans and proposals for the service’s logistics. The app was then designed through an extensive process of wireframes and revisions, before applying finalized graphics that matched the graphic system. To complement the phone app, a smart watch app was also designed, gearing toward offering users ease and functionality while out on adventures.
Class: SCAD GRDS Studio 2
Adobe Creative Suite
Brand Identity System
Interface Design

UI Interaction Video
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