Interface Design

Leveraging concert data to curate unique local playlists.
Music embodies culture. Whether that is the sound of a nation, or the sound of your local neighborhood, music as a form of expression can share the identity it represents. InTun app allows users to connect with the ‘sound’ of locations around the world, tapping into a local culture and revealing their current musical identity.

This project was a collaboration between two designers and three developers; all interns. Over the course of 4 weeks the app was taken from concept to delivery. Designers met with and determined the product owner’s wants and needs for the service, then conducted research to further the understanding of their user. Structure and strategy was developed along with wireframes and prototypes. The final product was tested, refined, and then presented in front of the product owner and other full-time staff.
Apprentice Project - Intrepid
Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch
Collborated with: Xan Klotz

App Structure
The app’s core purpose is to assist the user in discovering music. The app’s structure reflects this, as the user can be listening to music after two taps, creating an highly simple and rewarding user experience.

User On-Boarding
Serving the sole purpose of the educating the user, the onboarding explains how to save and access songs that you like while listening. This ensures users can easily use the service to its full potential. ▧

Interface design
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