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Inspiration can be found anywhere, and sometimes in the most unexpected of places. Fahr is a modern publication that compiles personal anecdotes of creatives from a variety of fields about where they have found inspiration and how they have kept it.
These stories are curated into issues that are distributed on a quarterly basis. Fahr strives to provide customers with excellent content at a low cost and understands limitations traditionally associated with the print medium. Going beyond just paper alone, Fahr immerses the reader literally into the story through virtual reality content provided with each article.
In order to engage customers and reward first time subscribers, a starter kit was developed and designed that would provide the user with ample content and means of experiencing or viewer content beyond the page. The identity reflects the vision and insights that the publication provides customers through the icon of an eye with integrated globe elements alluding to their mission to spread global coverage of inspiration and enlightenment. Further Materials produced employ simple graphics and low cost production techniques; a key factor behind Fahr’s business strategy. With low costs for production of physical books, there is far more room to expand and explore virtual possibilities in story telling all while keeping costs very low for the customer as well.
Adobe Creative Suite
Models: Savannah Rake, Nicci Aguiar
Brand Identity System
Starter kit and package components
North America issue with example story
Users can record their own moments of inspiration with the journal provided in the starter kit. By using the Fahr app, users can record spaces with full 360º photo and archive them to a code at the bottom of the page, saving the visual memory directly with the page’s written account.
In order for customers to fully enjoy all the content Fahr provides with its publication, VR viewers are provided with the kit so that any smart phone can be used to immerse a user in a digital environment. Modeling after Google Cardboard, this viewer is extremely cost efficient. They are one size fits all and come with comfortable pads and adjusting straps. ▧

Journal spreads with unique QR codes for each recorded photo
Package and components
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