Interface & User Experience
SUMMER 2016 App Redesign

A Dictionary is a tool. Redesigning’s app primarily focussed on this notion, redefining the app with speed and functionality at the front.
The service's original app put emphasis on daily content, presenting users with a feed of articles and blog posts. Through research, it was determined that this was not what users desired from a service known as an informative tool. Additional core abilities of the service, Thesaurus and Translate, were also brought to the front of the app while supplemental information such as the daily feed was minimized and kept accessible from the home screen.

With a brief timeframe for this project, only three rounds of revisions were able to be made. A short time period did not suggest the user should be ignored however. Each round involved design decisions fueled by user feedback, incorporating their ideas and frustrations to shape the next round of concepting and design solutions until ultimately executing a final design.
Apprentice Project - Intrepid
Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Principle
Design & problem solving process
Process is critical when developing a solution to a problem. Easy answers never fully solve the problem, rather tests and revisions lead to a robust product that provides the user with the best experience possible and serves the product owners goals as well. Redefining the app followed the process illustrated below, with multiple repetitions of some steps. ▧

Redesigned screens
Animated interactions
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