Branding & Exhibition Design
FALL 2015
404 Figure Unknown

The divide between who people are in real life and who they make themselves appear to be online is widening.
Personalities are constructed in order to succeed in social situations, actively censoring real personalities and tailoring online ones to advance social status. The 404 Exhibit explores these conflicts of personality through Glitch Art. Painted portraits employ the aesthetic of digital glitches to attack the notion of constructed personalities and externalize disruptions between the real and online self.

The materials produced reflect the exhibit's concept and continue the narrative of graphic disruptions. The identity and environmental graphics boldly reflect the concept of the exhibit and contrast the highly colorful artwork. Outdoor graphics interact with viewers, distorting reality. The narrative literature provides information to the user in a unique and interactive way. Finally, the package design conceptually extends the exhibit through the product and its box.
Class: GRDS Studio 1
Adobe Creative Suite, Canon T3 rebel, Laser Cut Acrylic
Exhibition environment graphics
An interactive wall of screens allows users to glitch themselves by taking a picture from a tablet on the back of a sculpture. The sculpture, a head made of stacked sheets of acrylic, alludes to a constructed identity, perfect in its alignment. In the case of this interactive exhibit however it acts as a prism, taking in the person's real photo and projecting a distortion onto the wall in front of it.

Outdoor advertisement
Exhibition materials

Narrative Literature
The narrative literature combines graphic elements from the exhibit and informs readers about the artists being shown. Initially the booklet is bound at the top, allowing users to flip through spreads about each artist. After tearing a seam along the spine, the booklet unfolds to reveal a article about online identity on the reverse side. Each artists’ picture is scannable with HP’s LinkReader app to connect users to content about the artist and their studio.

Package Design
The packaged item is a Glitch Sculpture Puzzle. The difficult completion of the stackable layers of acrylic relates directly to the experience of attempting to build the perfect identity online. Meant as a displayed object once assembled, the lower part of the box doubles as a stand that illuminates the sculpture from underneath. The form of the puzzle also relates to the interactive glitch wall within the exhibit.▧
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